Why You Need Move-in Cleaning as Much as a Move-Out One

It’s aggravating to move into a new home with dust along the baseboard, on top of the ceiling fan, and smudges on the sink. Even if the house’s general look is clean, these tiny spots and corners say a lot about the former tenant or homeowner. In this case, they didn’t care much about doing a thorough house cleaning by just leaving these problems for the new people to deal with. 

If this dirty scenario is enough to drive your mind up a wall, we hear you. The previous owners could have retained a pristine reputation for a few extra dollars. You shouldn’t follow their example and hire a house cleaning service when you move in.

What Move-In House Cleaning Services Are

A move-in cleaning is a professional house cleaning usually arranged before moving into the apartment. It is the same deep clean you set with your landlord before moving out. If you’re moving from across the country, arrange with the landlord to have the cleaning service arrive on moving day.

The cleaning service will enter the house ahead of your family, so you can walk through a clean home that has been thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitized.

You Need All the Moving Help You Can Get

A move-in cleaning costs extra money, but it’s just a few dollars a day or several hundred dollars, depending on your house. You’ll pay less if you’re willing to clean it yourself, but that’s on top of packing and planning the logistics.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect someone else to clean your new apartment or home: cleanliness is up to you. However, many people think that clean means empty and are surprised when they move into a dirty home they expected to find clean. A professional move-in cleaning service can ensure your home is clean and ready for your family.

How Much This House Cleaning Costs

The cost of hiring cleaning companies to perform a move-in clean will vary from location to location and will also vary depending on what company you use. However, invest as much money as your budget allows into your pre-move-in deep house cleaning. Some cleaning companies don’t take the time to scrub everything, and you want your cleaning company to be as thorough as possible.

Take the time to research house cleaning companies, and don’t be afraid of asking them about their cleaning procedures and what they think a move-in clean entails.

Read This If You’re a Realtor

A move-in cleaning and a move-out cleaning are not only for homeowners and renters but also for real estate agents. Are you serving a client who has already vacated their home, and you’re trying to sell the property fast? Book a professional cleaning company to conduct move-out house cleaning.

Flipping a house? Get the property looking its best with a needed house cleaning before putting it on the market. Make potential owners feel excited when they walk through the door, so hire a professional cleaning company. You could do it yourself, but this takes valuable time.

Hire Professional House Cleaning in Morgan Hill

When cleaning your home, you might not be able to detect all the areas where dirt has collected. Professional house cleaning teams have the training and experience you don’t, so they can clean the place to look like new. Hiring a move-in or move-out cleaner makes life much easier because you know they’ll do the job right!

Get house cleaning in Morgan Hill by contacting Cleanly today! We’re the top choice for dealing with dirt in commercial and residential areas in San Jose, Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy, and Hollister, California! Get a quote from us by booking online!

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