Vacation Rental Cleaning

In addition to our routine house cleaning services we provide the following services when cleaning your vacation home:

  • Your home will look the way you want each time a new guest arrives. Hire Cleanly will work with you to establish a photo reference book and checklist specific to your vacation home.
  • Disposal of all perishables left behind from previous guests.
  • Your team will wipe down all appliances, kitchen counters, and drawers.
  • All windows and glass doors will shine.
  • Restocking of all paper products throughout your home.
  • Outside areas are cleaned, including patios, tables, and grills.
  • Garbage and recycling are disposed of in appropriate receptacles.
  • Linens are removed from all beds.
  • We will wash your linens and towels, as long as you have a second set of linens on hand at all times for back-to-back turnaround service.
  • Maintain a safe home for your guests, with our handyman services. We can also replace light bulbs, install smoke detectors, and provide weather stripping for your home.
  • We also provide steam carpet cleaning services.
  • If you want to go the extra mile for your VIPS, ask about our specialized gift basket service for your guest

Check Out Our Apartment Cleaning Services


Our kitchen cleaning checklist helps us to clean every part of your kitchen without leaving any part untouched. We clean your kitchen floor and remove dust from all the surfaces and remove cobwebs. We clean the kitchen sin and the counters wiped down. We clean the top of your refrigerator and all other kitchen appliance like the microwave and stove.


We make sure that your bathroom becomes more attractive after cleaning it. We remove the cobwebs and clean all the bathroom fixtures. We wash your bathroom sink and sanitize your bathroom floor. We clean the tiles, shower, and bathtub. We shine the mirror and clean the shower glass.


We understand that a clean and comfortable bedroom means good rest and healthy living. We pay attention to disinfect your bedroom and make it free from allergen and dust. We clean the baseboard, clean the wall, and light fixtures in your bedroom.

Living area

This is the first place that people will see when they enter your house. We ensure that we leave the living area sparkling clean. Our service includes vacuuming the floor, scrubbing the baseboard, cleaning the walls, cleaning the light fixtures and the ceiling fan.


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