Steps To Follow Before Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

So, you have planned to hire a professional cleaning service for apartment cleaning in Gilroy. And trust me, this is the best decision that you can ever make for cleaning your place. Hiring a professional to clean your apartment or condo is not only a time-saver, but this can also give you the pleasure to stay in the perfectly tidied residence. However, before you hire one, it is important to check the necessary steps to follow in this regard along with the most common services that these cleaning professionals offer. This will ensure that you will only hire a respectable company, which will not let you down.

Contact with more than one business: When it comes to hiring a professional cleaning service, we often settle for the first name that comes across. But this is not the right thing to do always because this way you don’t compare the service with others. So, it is advisable to approach some of the leading professional cleaning service providers to get a dependable service within a cost-effective range.

Get a clear idea on pricing: Nothing is worse than being lumped with the bill that is larger than your budget. Therefore, it is important to be as explicit as possible while deciding the pricing. Besides, it is important to ensure that the company offers you a clear quote regarding everything related to condo cleaning services in California for which you want to pay.

Check whether the company is fully insured and licensed: Next step to follow before hiring a professional cleaner is to choose one, who is fully licensed and insured. Even though the reputable cleaners have trained staff members, following this step will help you to deal with the unforeseeable damages in your property during the cleaning job.

Ask about the details of cleaning products used: Every company follows different policies regarding the use of cleaning products. So, it is important to ask several questions regarding the product types before you choose a company, especially if you are allergic to any product. It is better to choose a company that only uses eco-friendly products for cleaning purposes.

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Response to COVID-19

Maggy Maid Referral Agency continues to offer an essential service by referring experts to help our customers with household disinfecting and home sanitizing. To protect customers and our referred house cleaners, we are: 1. Relaying regulations to the referred cleaners, like wearing masks and gloves. 2. Corresponding with house cleaners and the customers. In case of illness, we are available to cancel appointments or make appointment changes. 3. Customers and referred cleaners are requested to make us aware of any illness to eliminate the spread of Covid-19. 4. Monitoring updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in regards to safety and regulations. 5. Conforming to city and state regulations within our industry. 6. Offering Customers ability to log in to our website and self-serve cancel appointments at any time, and the referred house cleaners can do the same. This gives customers and house cleaners ultimate control, even when our office is closed.