5 Reasons Why a Clean Office Will Boost Overall Productivity

Workplace cleanliness is important for a number of reasons. I allows employees to feel comfortable in the workspace and to not get distracted from their work.  

If a business doesn’t keep the office clean, employees may start to move around the office and make noise to distract themselves from the mess, which could lead to missed productivity. In addition, cleanliness allows employees to be more organized, which in turn leads to stronger business relationships and stronger projects overall.

Here are some reasons why a clean office will improve your employee productivity.

1) Lessens the Need for Sick Days

When the office is clean, the employees feel less stressed, which decreases the potential for sick days. 

If you have employees that are sick frequently, you may have to hire an extra employee or work more hours to compensate for the sick employees. A clean office reduces stress, which lowers the risk of infection and disease.

2) Makes Time Management More Efficient

Employees are able to focus more on work and less on the mess. You may have some employees that have a hard time staying on track and time management because they are distracted by the clutter around them.

If they see that the office is clean, they may have a better chance of being productive during their shift.

3) Reduces Stress in the Environment

Employees who work in clean office environments tend to be happier than employees who work in dirty places. Stress from cluttered desks, messy offices, and dirty restrooms can create a hostile environment for employees to work.

When employees are under a lot of stress from a dirty workspace, it won’t be as easy for them to stay focused on their work. An office that is clean, will allow employees to have a more positive stress response, which leads to less mistakes and greater productivity.

4) Keeps Employees Motivated

Employees who are motivated and have goals have a better chance of being productive. If your employees can see their goals and visualize the path to reach them, they are more likely to feel a sense of purpose and will be more encouraged to work hard.

While a clean office can’t guarantee that your employees will be more motivated, it can, however, give them the fuel they need to be more productive.

5) Boosts Morale at the Office

Keeping your office clean and welcoming is an easy way to boost morale at the office. If a business is clean, it will be a lot more appealing for potential clients and give the business a professional image.

If your employees know that a clean office is important to you, they will feel more appreciated and will feel as if they have more of a purpose at their jobs.

How to Keep Your Office Clean

You don’t have to do all of the cleaning yourself. You can hire professionals to come in and clean the office for you.

This makes it easier for you to focus on your business, and whether you have an internal cleaning service or an external service, you can make sure that your office looks great.


Staying on top of cleaning the office will ensure that the environment is always inviting and can potentially lead to higher sales and more productivity.

To make sure your office is routinely tidy for your employees to thrive in, enlist the help of Cleanly. We offer deep cleaning services in San Jose that will leave your workplace spotless. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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