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A new apartment or new house comes up with so many possibilities: bare walls, a bare canvas, and uncluttered space, which you will make a home by yourself. But prior to getting started with converting that space into a home, you need to first done with some essential parts of moving to a new place. Especially, the properly deep clean the new house.

Whether you are buying or renting a new house, you can hire move in cleaning san martin experts as it is necessary. The people that have lived there before, no matter how much they keep the house well maintained, but unintentionally left behind some of the grime, dirt, and dust that you will have to clean up in detail before moving in unless you are moving into the newly constructed home.

Cleaning a home prior to moving in is the best way to go; by doing this, you will not have difficulty cleaning around a lot of boxes and furniture. But if you can wait until after you have moved all that stuff, just do not clean thoroughly. The same is the case goes with the professional cleaning team before you get the keys to the new space.

There are some steps by the expert move in cleaning San Jose that you should follow in order to make your new move in space as new and shiny as possible. In just two to three days with another pair of helping hands.

Here are a few moves in cleaning tips that can get you going:

  1. Clean high before cleaning low

Dirt is not just limited to the floors, and other countertops such as overhead lighting fixtures, shelving, Ceiling fans, and other parts that are close to fan or ceiling are more exposed to get grimy and dirty, but they aren’t get cleaned more often, and they also tend to spread dust on down spaces once you scrub them off down. So, to clean these high up parts will unavoidably make the down area a bit grimy too, so you should start cleansing right from the top of each room and then cleanse the way downwards, especially when you move in cleaning Gilroy.


  1. If you are cleaning post-move, clean the fridge first

You can outback many things while cleaning other things, but to store perishable commodities are not the ones. Prior to cleaning anything else, first, you need to cleanse and sanitize your new fridge. It is obvious that anything related to food could not survive for a long time and cleaning the fridge will not take more than 20 minutes. You just have to remove the drawers and shelves if you can and then clean all of them one by one with soap and warm water. To clean the inside part of the fridge, you will need to prepare a solution made up of water and white vinegar, and now you can use this solution to scrub all the inside surfaces of the fridge. If any junk is strongly stuck on the surface, then let the solution sit down on it for a while. After that, ensure that all the shelves are fully dry, and after that put them back in their places in the fridge. The same is the case with the freezer. You can hire the best move in cleaning Morgan Hill experts to do the job as they have all the required things. While they do what they are best at doing you can sit and relax.

  1. Do the rest of the kitchen

Once you have done cleaning the fridge, you can now work on cleaning the remaining part of the kitchen. You should follow step one and start cleaning from the right top of the kitchen that is cleaning the corners of the ceiling, lighting fixtures, and top of the cabinets. Next, do clean all the appliances: oven, stovetop, sink, and dishwasher, followed by rest countertops. And they do the remaining cabinets and make sure one thing that is you have cleaned then both from inside and outside. You should also pay more attention to clean the handles of the cabinets properly. Now in last, you do clean the floor.

When you are moving in, there are a lot of things happening so, instead of doing it by yourself you hire professional move in cleaning Gilroy services to get the job done.

  1. onto the bathrooms

Bathroom cleaning is more about disinfecting and spotless surfaces. A sponge and a good soap are all that you will need for scrubbing the bathroom’s down surface and then spread any good quality antibacterial and disinfectant spray to get rid of all the germs lying on the surface of the bathroom. When to clean the toilet seats, it is recommended to replace them with a new one. It will be little expense on your shoulders to replace them, but it is the most efficient way to make sure they are really clean.

While cleaning the bathroom, don’t ever ignore or forget the rest of the detailed cleaning areas that you skip over during the normal days of cleaning the bathroom. Moreover, ensure sanitizing and cleaning the toilet light switches, door handles, paper holders, and faucets.

  1. Tackle the rest of the space

For the remaining space cleaning, you should start item by item, rather than room by room. Don’t ignore the overlooked surfaces, like light switches, tops of doors, closet interiors, windows, and window treatments. For these types of places, a vacuum cleaner will help you slot in sucking the dust and dirt from them, and after that, you can also clean the dirty rags with a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Finish with the floors

You begin with cleaning from the top to the bottom of the house. For tile, wood, and the linoleum floors, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the edges as well as the corners, then sweep all the remaining debris. Don’t vacuum clean on all the surfaces completely unless your vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to do so, especially when you are making a move. Now finish up cleaning the surface by ding mopping; also ensure that you are using the product specially made for mopping on such surfaces on which you are using it.

You can hire the best move in cleaning Morgan Hill experts to handle the cleaning tasks for you. They have the best and professional team of cleaners that can handle any type of cleaning job for you. Get in touch with us now and let us to do what we are best at.


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