How To Clean Your Marble Countertops

Marble can be a stunning addition to your house, dramatically increasing its value and aesthetics. It’s primarily composed of calcium carbonate found in pearls, shells, and stone. As a result, the substance infuses your floors and tabletops with nearly unparalleled beauty. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can neglect your marble surfaces. They require regular maintenance and cleaning to remain gorgeous for years to come. To expedite the process, the leading Arcadia house cleaning pros will give you a few simple tips on keeping your marble clean. Keep reading! 


How To Clean Your Marble Countertops CleanlyKnowing how to thoroughly clean marble surfaces goes a long way in keeping your house impeccable. It’s just as important as understanding how to eliminate dirt on your tile, having an efficient stainless steel cleaning procedure, and making your glass surfaces shine

That said, you need to be careful when tackling this material. It doesn’t tolerate abrasive chemicals, so you’ll need a milder solution. Here’s how the cleaning process should look like, depending on the surface: 


Marble floors are highly susceptible to scratches. The main job here is to get rid of sand, grit, or dirt as fast as possible. 

To do so, remove most of the dirt using a dry mop. You can also use your vacuum cleaner. Just make sure no parts of it touch the floor and the wheels are in decent condition. Otherwise, they may etch your marble. 

For any baked-in grime, opt for your steam cleaner. However, be sure to dry the areas of the floor after steaming them. 


Countertops can be a challenge, as cooking near them poses a huge threat to the marble’s condition. To prevent damage, always use your cutting board and buy silicone mats to keep spills from reaching the countertops. 

As for spills, clean them immediately, especially if there are acidic liquids (e.g., lemon juice, tomato juice, vinegar). Also, despite marble’s intrinsic heat-resistant properties, don’t forget to employ trivets under your dishes, pots, and hot pans. 


Tabletops tend to be exposed to most of the risks associated with marble countertops. To prevent spills, always place coasters under your beverage containers, whether cold or hot. Additionally, clean spills the moment they happen. You should also wipe away water using a clean cloth to prevent residue. 


While you may be attentive most of the time, you may not tend to some spills before they solidify. If the stains originate from organic substances, such as coffee, pet urine, and wine, your best option is 12% hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. On the other hand, treat cooking oil, milk, and cosmetics with mineral spirits or acetone and rinse them away. 

When it comes to ink stains, you can use bleach to remove them from light-colored marble. Darker marble surfaces are better off with acetone or lacquer thinners. Lacquer thinners also work for paint spillage, but be careful not to etch your marble in the process. 


How To Clean Your Marble Countertops CleanlyKeeping your house clean requires a considerable number of tasks. Apart from cleaning marble surfaces, you also need to address the toilet, kitchen cabinets, ceiling, and many other surfaces. To avoid all the drudgery, book the foremost maids in Arcadia and beyond. 

Give Cleanly a call, and we’ll dispatch top-rated house cleaning professionals who will be fully committed to delivering impressive results. While they’re taking care of the dirty work, check out the amazing musical instruments at the Musical Instrument Museum. It’s a much better sight than cobwebs and stubborn stains. 

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