How Often Should Homeowners Conduct Deep Cleaning at Home?

Deep cleaning is a more thorough way to clean a home. However, there isn’t a definite time when people should conduct it in their homes. But by tradition, deep cleaning usually happens once a year—during spring. But if people always clean their homes once in a while, how often should homeowners conduct deep cleaning at home? Here are some ideas for every room.

1. Bedrooms

There are two kinds of deep cleaning for bedrooms; the first is spring cleaning, and the other is seasonal cleaning. It is advisable to do the former in spring. However, if people can’t do it during the spring months, they can do it during summer. Meanwhile, the latter is better done during the fall because summer is over and people start getting ready for winter.

2. Kitchens

The kitchen is among the rooms that should receive a thorough deep cleaning. Homeowners should clean it once a week because the kitchen is a health risk. But of course, there are times when people should do it more often, like once a month or quarterly. However, if there are constraints such as lack of time, people should work with deep cleaning companies to take care of their kitchens.

3. Living Rooms

The living room is a place where people can relax after a tiring day. But it is also the place where most people usually put things they don’t use. As a result, homeowners should clean it once a month to ensure that the area is not a pile of trinkets and unwanted things. Deep cleaning living rooms at least once a month should also prepare them for potential visitors who might come by anytime.

4. Bathrooms

Deep cleaning is not limited to the living room or bedrooms. It can also happen in the bathroom. There is a time of the year when homeowners should conduct it frequently—winter. The bathroom should be free from dirt, grime, and slime. It should also stay clean to prevent the tiles from becoming slippery, potentially avoiding any accidents in the future.

5. Garage

The garage is not a room in the house. However, it is also one of the areas that should receive deep cleaning. It is a place where some families place their unused items like old furniture or boxes of trinkets. People should deep clean their garages once a month to prevent them from becoming a dumping place for random things.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning a House

Deep cleaning a house offers many benefits to the home and the people. First, it keeps families motivated as there is something to look forward to every month. The excitement should keep them busy at least once a month, making it a way to destress and relax. Another benefit of deep cleaning is making a home more presentable. Since all homes can become unorganized at some point, deep cleaning can help reorganize the place and keep it clean. Overall, deep cleaning keeps a house clean, sanitizes it, and keeps it safe from everyone inside.


Deep cleaning is a particular way to ensure a home is always clean. The best time to do it is during spring. However, people can also do it throughout the year. Cleaning experts recommend homeowners do it several times. For instance, people can do it once a month in the summer and fall. They can also do it once a week during winter and summer.

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