How Often Should Each Part of Your Home Be Deep Cleaned?

A clean home simplifies daily life, and simplified living gives each new day a fresh start. Many homeowners are dedicated to maintaining their property’s market value and living in a setting that encourages serenity and order.

Too many individuals lack time to clean their houses thoroughly, and many are unsure how frequently a home should be thoroughly cleaned in the first place.

Read on as we discuss how frequently you should deep clean the different parts of your house.

The Living Room

Entertaining visitors, conversing with them, or watching television is what this room is all about. It is where you should feel comfortable, relaxed, and tranquil while hosting dinner parties and other get-togethers.

Typically, the living room is large and is the showpiece of a house. Deep cleaning the living room involves dusting furniture, vacuuming the carpet, and thoroughly cleaning the hardwood floor.

Moreover, if your children keep some of their toys in the living room, disinfect them once or twice a week. If your couch has a lot of food crumbs between the cushions, you may need to deep clean it a few times a month.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is among the most challenging parts of the home to clean. As you can imagine, cleaning the kitchen requires a lot of time. This means cleaning the countertops, appliances, and cabinets, and scrubbing the floors and windows. It’s best to deep clean the kitchen often because it’s a room where a lot of activity occurs.

Daily and weekly cleaning will keep your kitchen presentable for family and guests. Deep cleaning the kitchen at least four times a year is essential, depending on how much filth and grime accumulate.

The Bedroom

You can get a great night’s sleep if your bedroom is clutter-free and clean.  A properly cleaned bedroom can give you a sense of order and organization.

Bedrooms should be deep cleaned once a week, if possible. Weekly cleaning keeps the mess at bay and ensures that it does not take too long each week. Aside from thorough weekly cleaning, undertaking minor daily tasks might help make the weekly deep cleaning process feel less burdensome.

The Bathroom

A bathroom should be frequently cleaned because it contains a lot of germs and bacteria, especially if it’s frequently used by all members of the household. If the bathroom is not cleaned regularly, the accumulated bacteria can result in infections. Dirt and grime can build up in the toilet and cause respiratory problems.

Furthermore, E. coli can be found in the sink and within six feet of the toilet, making your bathroom the perfect bacteria breeding ground. To keep it away, disinfect the toilet and sink at the absolute least once a week and the bathtub every two weeks if you take long showers.


Your home should be a place of peace and comfort, so you need to deep clean each room regularly. We hope you enjoyed the information above and feel confident in your ability to deep clean your home.

You don’t have to be a clean freak but try to clean your home regularly and thoroughly. Cleanly is your one-stop shop for deep house cleaning in Gilroy and office cleaning services. We ensure that everyone receives the careful cleaning they deserve. Contact us today!

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