Should You Hire A Deep House Cleaning Service in Gilroy?

Do you recall when you last went for a deep house cleaning? You, like the majority of people, have not conducted a full cleaning session since the spring, but even then, were you thorough?

What exactly is deep house cleaning in Gilroy? How is it different from your typical cleaning sessions, and how should it be performed? 

Continue reading to discover all about thorough cleaning so you can maintain a tidy home.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

During your weekly cleaning sessions, there are certain tasks that you always perform, correct?

Normal cleaning procedures include vacuuming rugs and carpets, wiping and disinfecting hard surfaces, washing hard floors, and dusting. You may undertake some little decluttering during this time, but nothing intensive.

Those who utilize ordinary maid services receive standard cleaning.

However, deep cleaning is more intensive. It eliminates all the filth and grime you have disregarded throughout routine cleaning sessions. The process is time-consuming and even costly, but it is worthwhile.

After getting house cleaning services in Gilroy, CA, your home will feel refreshing and clean. 

How Frequently Should A Thorough Cleaning Be Performed?

Standard cleaning should occur at least once weekly, though if you live alone and have no pets, you can get away with it every other week. The majority of individuals do not dedicate an entire day to cleaning.

When conducting deep cleaning operations, you must devote several hours (if not an entire day). Don’t fret, however. You do not need to clean as frequently.

Most people only perform a thorough cleaning once every season (if that). Some prefer to thoroughly clean when moving out of a property or before an event.

The frequency of deep cleaning is up to you; however, we recommend twice a year for the average household.

How to Perform a Thorough Cleaning: A Brief Checklist

With this in mind, you may want to consider a thorough house cleaning. If you haven’t explored all the secret nooks and crannies in a while, it may be time to do so.

However, how do you even begin this endeavor? Here’s a basic guide.


For many individuals, the bathroom is the most neglected space. During regular cleaning sessions, you probably merely wipe down the counter and clean the bathroom, the toilet, and the floors.

You will exert more effort in the bathroom during a thorough cleaning session. 

  • Emptying and cleaning the toilet bowl 
  • Scrubbing the grout
  • Cleaning the trash can 
  • Wiping down the walls 
  • Disinfecting all surfaces 
  • Cleaning inside medicine cabinets or vanities

Before you begin a thorough cleaning, you should clear. Remove whatever you no longer use, dispose of the trash, and prepare to reorganize.


The second most neglected room on the list is the kitchen. 

If you follow things step-by-step, you should be able to finish your kitchen in about an hour. The items in your kitchen checklist are:

  • Removing all items from the refrigerator and freezer
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces within the refrigerator and freezer
  • Removing all items from the cabinets
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the cabinets
  • Disinfecting the kitchen sink
  • Cleaning the dishwasher
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Cleaning the stove
  • Cleaning the range hood’s interior
  • Cleaning the refrigerator coils

A clean kitchen is conducive to a healthier lifestyle, but this cleaning method is labor-intensive. Be careful to allocate adequate time!

Living Room and Bedrooms

The living room and bedrooms require less time than the kitchen and bathrooms. You are more likely to clean them often, and they lack access to water and food.

  • Steam cleaning carpets (if applicable)
  • Wiping light fixtures
  • Cleaning underneath furniture
  • Dusting baseboards
  • Cleaning inside window sills
  • Polishing furniture
  • Cleaning upholstery
  • Polishing furniture

Regular vacuuming and dusting make it simple to maintain clean general spaces, so after your deep cleaning session, commit a few minutes per week (or better yet, per day) to regular cleaning.

Should You Work Solo?

In-depth house cleaning is laborious. Even while you can do it alone, the ordinary individual lacks the time, skills, and motivation to do a thorough deep cleaning. Now is an excellent moment to employ professional cleaning services in Gilroy. 

Professional cleaners have the skills and equipment necessary to clean your house effectively. You will be astounded at how clean they can leave it!

Is It Time for a Thorough Cleaning?

What exactly is a deep clean? It is a cleaning session that leaves your home gleaming as if it were brand new. It is helpful to have a few deep cleaning days every year, in addition to your usual cleaning days, to keep your property in pristine condition.


When you are ready to employ a house cleaning service, you may wonder what kind of service you require. In most instances, preparing a thorough cleaning is a wise first step. Contact a professional cleaning company that offers deep house cleaning services. 

Cleanly is the premier residential and commercial cleaning service provider in San Jose, Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy, and Hollister, California. We are pleased to handle residential and commercial properties, ensuring everyone receives the thorough cleaning they deserve. We offer various cleaning services, including house cleaning, office cleaning, deep cleaning, standard cleaning, and more. Contact us if you need deep house cleaning in Gilroy

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