Developing Proper Cleaning Habits: Bad Practices to Avoid

Everybody thinks they know how to clean. Unfortunately, unless you’re a professional cleaner, there’s no guarantee that your cleaning habits are as good as they can be. There’s no shame in that, what’s important is that whether you’re a student, a fresh graduate, or a veteran employee, it’s never too late to develop better cleaning habits. 

To help you weed out the bad practices from the good, let’s take a look at a few examples of common mistakes and how you can avoid them. 

Collecting Paper Clutter

The most common problem that many of us have is accumulating countless paper clutter. Be it your utility bills, school/work documents, or even magazines and newspapers, the tendency is for these things to slowly gather in your home. You’ll only realize you have a paper clutter problem when it’s a bit trickier to solve. 

The best way to prevent this? Set aside an area in your home where all paper clutter should go. You can use office organizers to help you out with this. The idea is to collect all your paper clutter in this designated area only—once it’s been filled up, that’s your cue to start disposing of some of the less relevant documents. 

More important documents, like receipts, should have their own area. A drawer should be more than enough for this purpose, but make sure to keep an eye on these as well. Don’t forget to keep things organized as filing receipts is a much more stringent task. 

Improper Drying of Towels and Shower Curtains

Have you ever noticed how your shower area or laundry room have a tendency to be filled with mildew of all sorts. Cleaning this up can take forever and can be a time intensive task. What if we were to tell you that you can avoid such frequent occurrences? 

While your laundry and shower naturally have a natural tendency to collect mildew (largely because of all the moisture present), you can make ways to prevent frequent mildew buildup. For towels, make sure to never leave them bunched up, especially if they’re still damp. The same goes for shower curtains as keeping them bunched up can trap a lot of moisture within.

Not Cleaning the Cleaning Tools

This one should be much easier to understand. You can’t effectively clean your home if the tools you’re using are themselves grimey. The simplest fix is to make sure that you clean up after yourself and maintain your tools properly. It would be best if you could find out the best way to clean each tool based on the material they’re made of, as well. This way, you have an easier time cleaning your home, and your tools will last as long as they can. 

Using Too Many Chemicals

As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be bad. In this scenario, the saying holds true. It’s easy to see why people might think using more cleaning compounds is good. If just a drop is meant to work, what happens if I use a whole cup of it? The problem with this is that using too much tends to leave residues all over your surfaces. 

This cleaning residue, rather than acting as a protective coat, will only attract more dirt—dirt that will be much harder to clean. In some cases, they even combine with the grime in such a way that they produce unpleasant odors. 

The simplest way to avoid this? Read the instructions for the cleaning compounds you’re using. You can trust what’s been written down as these instructions were written by the people who developed those cleaning compounds. 


Developing good cleaning habits should be a priority for everyone. At the end of the day, the only person who stands to gain anything is you, so you might as well put more effort into keeping things organized and sanitary. It might look like a hassle now, but the effort is well worth it. 

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