Deep Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your new house will be like a breeze, second only to your daily chores to keep your inhabited house organized and clean. There is no furniture to move and a knick-knack to dust around. All you have to do is to move from room to room and scrub clean everything down. 

Expectedly, the former occupants at least left everything in your new house broom-swept. The amount of cleaning that you will do in your new house is contingent on the lifestyle of the former occupants. Do they have kids or pets? And what is your acceptance of “clean enough?”

Cleaning Your New House

A lot of cleaning professionals disclosed that a large chunk of their time is dedicated to making sure that their kitchen is sufficiently clean. Between cabinets and stoves and refrigerators, it is truly not a thing of surprise. The tips below will show you just how you can make the process of cleaning your refrigerator an easy one! Move in cleaning, Morgan hill is your answer to clean house. 


  • Oven: Do away with the oven racks and position them in the sink that you already filled with soapy water. Spray the oven rack first if you have oven cleaners, and allow it to stay for some time while you clean every other part of the kitchen (with the exception of the floor because it should be cleaned last). When you are prepared to forge ahead, thoroughly scrub the oven down. It is a best practice to use steel wool when cleaning the racks. Vinegar and a paste of baking soda can also be used for this cleaning process. 
  • Sink: There is no harm in using steel wool when you are cleaning your stainless steel sink off some stubborn stains. You can also use vinegar and a paste of baking powder just like you used in cleaning the oven racks. A solution of lemon juice and water can also be used to remove the stains. 
  • Cabinets: Wipe down and dust cabinets with a supple, inside and out on all surfaces. Also, remember your cabinet door’s top.
  • Countertops: A solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water can help you to clean the countertops and make them appear sparkling clean. 
  • Refrigerator: Reposition the refrigerator by distancing it a bit from the vacuum and wall and clean its back. Clean the out and inside of the refrigerator: sides, back, and top. It is likely going to be the best cleaning that your refrigerator will get so leverage on a warm, empty fridge to carry out a nice job. Put the drawers and removable racks in warm soapy water and clean it very well. 


There are some chemicals that you can use to clean the bathroom of your new house, but vinegar and baking soda is also a nice start. It helps you get rid of soap scum. Utilize this on your washing sink and bathtub. Clean glass shower doors with 50% water and 50% vinegar in a spray bottle. Use watered-down vinegar for the toilet and clean with a scrub brush. Certain folks prefer to change the toilet seats when they move into a new home.  


It is profitable to purchase or rent a steam cleaner, or even employ an expert to do the steam cleaning for you. This process provides you with a deep clean and helps you get rid of tough stains. Even the odor of pets is not excluded. 

With the right equipment, you can also have sealed hardwood floor steam cleaned. Don’t do this if the hardwood is not sealed because the water of the steam can spoil the floors. You can also use Murphy’s Oil for cleaning the hardwoods. 


Except for those who have kids, cleaning the walls of your new house is something that you may not have to do again. Wash the walls with vinegar and water. Be mindful of corners, where cobwebs and dirt gather, and places close to waist-level if the former occupant had kids. Magic Eraser kind of a product that will help remove crayon marks and tough stains.

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