Cleaning Your Home with Vinegar and Dawn Cleaning Solution

Given the entire pandemic situation, everyone is trying their best to ensure the ultimate level of cleanliness. Well, with this never-ending demand for disinfectants, the grocery stores have been emptied, and the shelves are free from disinfectants. In this chaos, it is better to make your homemade cleaner because it’s effective and will leave your home sparkly clean.

There is some homemade cleaner that can be made with two simple ingredients; vinegar and dawn cleaning solution. In addition to these two ingredients, you only need a spray bottle. In this article, we have added everything that you need to clean your home and ensure the disinfection of surfaces. So, have a look!

Making the Vinegar and Dawn Cleaning Solution – The Method

This solution can be used to clean your bathroom in times when you are out of the bathroom cleaner. This is a DIY cleaner that can be used to clean your bathroom and other surfaces. To make this solution, you must have these two ingredients readily available in your home. This solution can be used to clean the shower, as well.


  • Dawn dish soap weighing 10 oz. and we recommend using the blue version but pink one work as well
  • Vinegar weighing 12 oz.

Making the Shower Cleaner Solution – The Essential Steps

In this section, we have added the DIY steps to make the shower cleaner solution with four essential steps. By following these steps, you will be able to clean your bathroom and shower, so have a look!

  • Take 12 oz. of vinegar and heat it for two minutes in the microwave. By heating the vinegar, you will be able to ensure optimal bonding of soap with vinegar
  • Once you have heated vinegar, add it to the spray bottle
  • Now, add 10 oz. of dishwashing soap solution in the spray bottle
  • Shake the ingredients well and make sure there is optimal stirring
  • Before using the solution, shake the solution as well

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Vinegar needs to be heated only when you are making the solution
  • Use a spray bottle to store the solution instead of using mixture from the cup

Using the Vinegar and Dawn Cleaning Solution

There are some spots that can be difficult to clean. This solution can be used on kitchen sinks and bathrooms. In this section, we have added the steps that you need to take while using this solution to clean up the stains. So, have a look!

  • Use the cleaning mixture to spray on the surface and let it sit for over ten minutes and coat the entire surface
  • This solution will melt the dirt and junk on the surface and in a few minutes, you can wipe off everything with a piece of washcloth

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Don’t use the hot solution on the surface because it can be hard for the surface and cause damage
  • You can clean the bathtub
  • Don’t use elbow grease because it’s not needed

This solution ensures that every surface is utterly clean, shiny, and sparkles perfectly. So, make the solution today and ensure ultimate cleanliness!

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