Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home & Yourself – Multiple Methods

The entire situation regarding coronavirus has made people depressed, and people are going gage over the cleanliness. Well, to be honest, the only way of staying safe from the pandemic is to ensure cleanliness, and that requires cleaning yourself, your home, and accessories in the home as well. In this article, we have added multiple ways to clean and disinfect everything. Have a look!


According to the cleanliness experts, cleaning is better to be done before disinfecting. So, if you want to clean something, clean the surfaces with soap and water. This cleaning solution needs to be used to high touched surfaces of the homes. The high touched surfaces include handles, phones, tablets, light switches, doorknobs, toilets, sinks, keyboards, and faucets.


Before someone disinfects the surface, it is better to clean the surfaces with water and soap solution. If you don’t want to use soap, it is better to use detergents. It is better to clean the dirty surfaces and use a disinfectant on the top. It is better to use guaranteed household disinfectants. It is better to follow the guidelines written on the bottle to ensure adequate usage.

It is better to clean the surface wet and make sure that you use the wearing gloves. In addition, make sure there is ultimate ventilation while you are using the disinfectant. However, before you use the bleaching solutions, make sure they are diluted to suit the surfaces and also, always check the expiration date.

While using the bleaching solutions, make sure you aren’t mixing other cleansers in it or the ammonia. To ensure optimal cleaning, leave the solution on the surface for over one minute. However, if you cannot find the bleaching solution, you can make your own by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Use five tablespoons of bleach in one-gallon water and the solution will be ready
  • If you are making the alcohol solutions, use at least 70% alcohol

Cleaning the Soft Surfaces

If you are cleaning the soft surface, keep in mind the following things;

  • Clean the surface using water and soap solution
  • If you are using the launder items, follow the instructions mentioned on the bottle
  • Use the EPA-registered disinfectants because they can effectively clean the viruses and bacteria

Cleaning the Electronics

In this section, we have added the guide to clean the electronics and other electronic items such as keyboards, tablets, phones, remote controls, and more. Use the below-mentioned steps to clean them up;

  • Use a cover that can be cleaned using the wipes. It is better to clean the electronic items with alcohol-based wipes with 70% alcohol and also, dry up the surfaces

Cleaning the Laundry

In this section, we have added steps to clean the linens, towels, and other clothing items, such as;

  • Always wear disposable gloves
  • After removing the gloves, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Use warm water settings while cleaning the laundry and dry up everything perfectly
  • If there are cloth hampers, make sure to clean and disinfect them

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Response to COVID-19

Maggy Maid Referral Agency continues to offer an essential service by referring experts to help our customers with household disinfecting and home sanitizing. To protect customers and our referred house cleaners, we are: 1. Relaying regulations to the referred cleaners, like wearing masks and gloves. 2. Corresponding with house cleaners and the customers. In case of illness, we are available to cancel appointments or make appointment changes. 3. Customers and referred cleaners are requested to make us aware of any illness to eliminate the spread of Covid-19. 4. Monitoring updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in regards to safety and regulations. 5. Conforming to city and state regulations within our industry. 6. Offering Customers ability to log in to our website and self-serve cancel appointments at any time, and the referred house cleaners can do the same. This gives customers and house cleaners ultimate control, even when our office is closed.