7 Important Areas to Add to the Move Out Cleaning Checklist

7 Important Areas to Add to the Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Moving out can be incredibly exciting to undergo, but сlearly there аre not many fun things аbout it. There іs hаrdly a сlеаnup phase thаt is рleаsаnt fоr both the рlаns аnd pеoрle looking forward tо getting to the new chapter of their lives.

Luckily, there are move-out cleaning services to take care of the job for you. All that’s left is to dictate which parts of the home you want them to specifically focus on and clean. Here are some simple area suggestions of what to add to the move out cleaning checklist:

1) Floors

There are a variety of floors that have to be thoroughly cleaned by professionals prior to moving out. For instance, the hardwood floors, carpets, as well as area rugs should all be cleaned well. It’s also a good time as any to start picking which floor coverings to bring with you to the new place you’re moving in.

2) Drywall

If you notice any stains, cracks, or missing plaster in the drywall, you might want to address those right before moving out. The last thing you want on record is some major foundation damage that will make your landlord charge you. Allow your cleaners to wipe and deal with these parts of your former home.

3) Cabinets

Clean your kitchen cabinets before you head to your new place. Grab everything you no longer need or use to dispose of. Once they’re cleared out, your cleaners should give the kitchen cabinets an overall cleaning sessions. Be sure to double-check if you’ve forgotten anything of major value.

4) Closets

Don’t let old clothes, toys, books, and other things clutter up your closets, especially as you’re moving out. It’s time to clean out the place, which includes the top, front, and back of the closets. Your cleaners will be able to help you with this part of the job, though packing will be up for you to do.

5) Appliances

There are a variety of appliances that you’ll want to clean out, including the refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Be sure that you check for any outdated food, food items past their expiration date, and general grime. Your cleaners should be able to quickly clean any of these fixtures without a hitch.

6) Stove and Oven

It’s not the best idea if you’re leaving the place’s  stove and oven dirty. Letting these specific parts of the home dirty for the next tenants is just not a good look for you. Add this to the list and remind your cleaners to handle these appliances with care. Remove any outdated utensils and cookware as well.

7) Bathroom Fixtures

As you’re moving out, you’ll want to make sure that everything in your bathroom is properly working as they once were. A good way to do so is to clean the mirrors, faucets, sinks, and more. If you aren’t too sure how to best handle it, ask your cleaners to ensure that everything is all good to go.


Your move-out cleaning checklist should be in good order and ready to go. Don’t forget to add any items or areas you think should be included. Ensure those points are thoroughly cleaned and checked off your list once your cleaners are done too.

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