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A customer’s highlight of our Deep Cleaning and Carpet cleaning service.

Sam is one of our frequent buyers. He has always been a loyal customer of ours. Sam loves to host his friends in his house. Sometimes they come over to see a football match together.

But this time Sam needed our help. He is about to host his boss, and he realized that his house needs serious cleaning before he invites his boss. He wants his house to be sparkling clean. So Sam came to us with a special request.

Sam needed more than regular house cleaning. His carpet has changed colour because it is dirty. The basement needs cleaning. The light fixtures have gathered so much dust, and he needed to get it cleaned quickly.

We accepted his request and granted him a special discount for cleaning the house and his carpet. He expected that our price would be way higher; instead, he got a discount. It would have cost him more if he got different people to do the house cleaning job and cleaning the carpet. However, at Hire Cleanly House Cleaning San Jose, we offer both house cleaning and carpet cleaning together for our customers while reducing the cost for them.

After he booked an appointment with us, we quickly sent our Hire Cleanly team at San Jose to his place to get the job done. Within a few hours, we were through with cleaning the house and the carpet. Our cleaners were able to handle both tasks at the same time. While some team focus on getting the house cleaned the others made sure the carpet was cleaned.

It was easy for our team to clean the house as we have our checklist that makes our work faster and also efficient. That way, we don’t miss a spot in the house that we do not clean. It didn’t take long after the team cleaning the room that the team cleaning the carpet completed their job. We also had extra time to clean his glass stains. Especially his shower door that has several stains as a result of hard water. We left it sparkling again.

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