Commercial Disinfecting

This period has really been a challenging time for everyone, everywhere in the world. The new coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has also exposed the world to the importance of maintaining good hygiene and disinfecting our surroundings. Home cleaning and commercial cleaning and disinfecting have now become more important than before because it can help to prevent the spread of the virus and other infectious diseases.

Commercial disinfecting and home disinfecting for eliminating viruses and other disease-causing microorganisms are different from the regular cleaning services. The regular home cleaning service, for instance, will only remove dust from surfaces and clean dirt in the home. Commercial cleaning will only focus on arranging the office space and removing the physical dirt from the office while ignoring the microscopic disease-causing organisms. Therefore, it is important not to only clean your home but also to disinfect it to stay healthy and productive.

Some of the preventive measures against coronavirus include maintaining social distance, regular washing of hands, and using face masks. All these are important to prevent if but it is also better to eliminate the virus from all surfaces that can be a potential source of contact. It has been found that the coronavirus can survive from a few hours up to several days depending on the surface. On paper and copper, it seems to be short-lived but can spend up to 4 days on plastic, woods, and glass. This makes home disinfecting for cleaning the viruses an important activity.

 Having a trained expert to clean and disinfect your home is the only guarantee that the house will be properly disinfected and free from germs, viruses, and bacteria. They know the right place to clean and the right cleaning supplies and chemicals to use to achieve the best cleaning and disinfecting. They target the spot where most people touch regularly to prevent someone from taking up the disease and further spreading it.

We disinfect the surfaces that you touch often like the doorknob, switches in the home, the faucet, hand railings, countertops, appliance handle, toilet seat and handle, computer keyboard, and other surfaces that people have access to.

Using the right chemicals and disinfectants, coronavirus can be effectively cleaned from any surface. And not only do these chemicals help to fight against the corona virus, but it also fights against other infectious diseases that have been there before this virus. Home disinfecting and commercial disinfecting are the only way to ensure cleaning for viruses.

We can clean all types of surfaces from porous surfaces to those made with fibrous materials. Our chemicals and disinfectants are effective to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Our chemicals are EPA-approved and our disinfectants are hospital grade and also recommended by the center for disease control. Not only do they instantly kill the viruses, but they also leave your home and commercial buildings protected against microorganisms several days after disinfecting.

The benefits of commercial disinfection and home disinfection are numerous. These disinfectants do not only remove infectious microorganisms but also combat odor by killing the bacteria and fungi causing them. Thereby removing unpleasant smell from the room and leaving a healthier air. This increases your productivity and also avoids the fear of infection.


Check Out Our Apartment Cleaning Services


Our kitchen cleaning checklist helps us to clean every part of your kitchen without leaving any part untouched. We clean your kitchen floor and remove dust from all the surfaces and remove cobwebs. We clean the kitchen sin and the counters wiped down. We clean the top of your refrigerator and all other kitchen appliance like the microwave and stove.


We make sure that your bathroom becomes more attractive after cleaning it. We remove the cobwebs and clean all the bathroom fixtures. We wash your bathroom sink and sanitize your bathroom floor. We clean the tiles, shower, and bathtub. We shine the mirror and clean the shower glass.


We understand that a clean and comfortable bedroom means good rest and healthy living. We pay attention to disinfect your bedroom and make it free from allergen and dust. We clean the baseboard, clean the wall, and light fixtures in your bedroom.

Living area

This is the first place that people will see when they enter your house. We ensure that we leave the living area sparkling clean. Our service includes vacuuming the floor, scrubbing the baseboard, cleaning the walls, cleaning the light fixtures and the ceiling fan.

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Response to COVID-19

Maggy Maid Referral Agency continues to offer an essential service by referring experts to help our customers with household disinfecting and home sanitizing. To protect customers and our referred house cleaners, we are: 1. Relaying regulations to the referred cleaners, like wearing masks and gloves. 2. Corresponding with house cleaners and the customers. In case of illness, we are available to cancel appointments or make appointment changes. 3. Customers and referred cleaners are requested to make us aware of any illness to eliminate the spread of Covid-19. 4. Monitoring updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in regards to safety and regulations. 5. Conforming to city and state regulations within our industry. 6. Offering Customers ability to log in to our website and self-serve cancel appointments at any time, and the referred house cleaners can do the same. This gives customers and house cleaners ultimate control, even when our office is closed.