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Cleaning the Windows – Everything That You Need To Know

Be it the doors or floors, we all ensure the ultimate cleaning of our homes, but we all forget cleaning the windows. Cleaning the windows is a tough chore, but cleaning them perfectly is even more essential. There are times when you might need to clean the windows again because you couldn’t do it right the first time.

In this article, we have added the essential tips to ensure optimal cleaning of windows. While you have made up your mind to clean the windows, keep in mind the following tips!

Think About the Weather

If you decide to clean the windows during a sunny day, the cleaning solution will dry up instantly on the windows before you get a chance to wipe it off. This will leave stains on the windows. So, make sure you are cleaning on a dry but cloudy day, so the solution isn’t dried out.

Remove Dust & Dirt

There are many people who make the mistake of splashing water on the dusted window, but believe us, it will only create the muddy paste that’s even harder to clean. So, make sure you wipe off the dust and dirt with a cloth or use the vacuum cleaner. This step ensures that the cleaning solution is able to wipe off everything perfectly.

If the screen locks of the windows are dirty, take them out and wash them with clean yet warm water. You can also use a soft brush to wipe off the dust conveniently. Once you have washed the screen locks, let them hang to dry and put them back once fully dried. But make sure you are hanging the screen locks in a clean room, so no dust particles are attached to the screens.

You can also use the air-only cycle of the washing machine to clean the curtains. But once your air cycle the curtains, hang them up quickly to get rid of wrinkles.

Use a Cleaner

If the windows are dirty, water will not work because it cannot clean optimally. So, use a cleaning solution if the windows are extra dirty. However, you need to use the solution generously because wiping off the dirt can be pretty hard and can leave stains and streaks. It is better to spritz the cleaning solution at some part of window and wipe it off before starting the other parts of the window.

Choose the Cloth Wisely

No, your dirty trouser isn’t going to clean the windows because these aren’t designed for the windows and the fabric can pose harm to the glass surface. Using the microfiber cloth is an ideal choice as they are washable and are pretty absorbent. In addition, it will leave the window streak-free and there will remain no stains on the window. On the other, you can use the paper towels as they will also ensure cleanliness and sparkling windows.

Divide It Up

Cleaning the windows of entire house can be a tedious job and can take up to two days. So, it is better to divide the windows and clean them on alternate days. While you are cleaning the windows, wipe on the horizontal basis first and then use the vertical base.

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